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No ratings yet $44.99 $29.99 View Product 2 Towel Bazaar 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Sheets, 700 GSM, 35 x 70 Inch, Eco-Friendly (2 Pack, Cream) No ratings yet $36.99 View Product 3 Zenith Luxury Bath Sheets - (2 Piece) Extra Large Size 40 X 70 Luxury Bath Sheets, Beach Towels, 600... No ratings yet $35.33 View Product 4 AmazonBasics Fade-Resistant Cotton Bath Sheet Towel - Pack of 2, Navy Blue No ratings yet $22.99 View Product 5 AmazonBasics Quick-Dry, Luxurious, Soft, 100% Cotton Towels, Platinum - Set of 2 Bath Sheets No ratings yet $22.99 View Product 6 COTTON CRAFT Ultra Soft 4 Pack Oversized Extra Large Bath Towels 30x54 White Weighs 22 Ounces - 100%... No ratings yet $36.99 View Product 7 COTTON CRAFT - 2 Pack Luxuriously Oversized Hotel Bath Sheet - Charcoal - 100% Ringspun Cotton -... No ratings yet $42.99 View Product 8 Turkuoise Turkish Towel % 100 Turkish Cotton Luxury and Super Soft Bath Sheets, 35x70 Inches (Gray) No ratings yet $39.99 View Product 9 Utopia Towels - Luxurious Jumbo Bath Sheet (35 x 70 Inches, Grey) - 600 GSM 100% Ring Spun Cotton... No ratings yet $29.99 $27.99 View Product 10 COTTON CRAFT 2 Pack Euro Spa Waffle Weave Oversized Bath Sheet 35x70 - White - 100% Pure Ringspun... No ratings yet $29.99 View Product
Bath sheets are oversized bath towels that offer a comfortable and convenient bathing experience. Instead of having a small bath towel that doesn’t cover you, a bath sheet is more like a blanket – but one that dries you.

They are most often made with cotton, but sometimes feature polyester, microfiber, and polyamide. They are also sold separately or in sets, and with accompanying towels like hand towels and bath towels. With a variety of colors and options, it’s not all that easy to choose bath sheets, but we’re here to help.

Read on to learn about some of the best bath sheets for sale, and how to make the right purchasing decision.
1. AmazonBasics Bath Sheet Towel
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Trying to find affordable and well-made bath sheets may seem impossible, but thanks to AmazonBasics, it’s not. These generously-sized towels are perfect for any individual or family who wants the best but not to have to pay a high price for it.  

They are available as a pack of two in ten color options, and they feature 100 percent cotton. That’s not even the best part. They have a strong pique border, tear and fade resistance, and a large size of 62 x 30 inches. 

While they can shed a lot of lint and the dye bleeds in the wash initially, these bath sheets are still worth a closer look.
Product Features Pack of two Ten color options 100 percent cotton construction 62 x 30 inches Pique border Tear-resistant strength Fade-resistant color Pros Affordable to buy Plenty of colors to choose The material is durable and strong They absorb a lot of moisture  Generous sizing Cons They shed a lot of lint The dye can bleed in the wash 2. Mars Wings Microfiber Bath Sheet Towels
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Lugging around soaking wet bath sheets at the beach or swimming pool is no one’s idea of a good time. So, if you want something a bit more portable and lightweight, this towel from Mars Wings might be the answer. 

Rather than cotton, this towel features microfiber and polyester, which makes it far more lightweight to take from A to B. The best part is, it still rivals cotton bath sheets for size, given that it’s 32 x 71 inches.

However, that’s not all these bath sheets have to offer. They are available in a set of one or two, depending on your preference, and you can select from two contemporary shades. 

They are competitive and ready to meet the mark for your needs. The only thing that might frustrate some people is that they can spread water around and cling to your skin.
Product Features 32 x 71 inches Set of one or two Two color options Microfiber construction 80 percent polyester Pros You can pick a color You can choose if you want one or two They are lightweight Generous size Portable for beach trips Competitive pricing Cons The towel clings to your skin It spreads water around 3. Classic Turkish Soft Towels Bath Sheets
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A hotel experience can be replicated at home with something as simple as bath sheets, and that’s precisely what Classic Turkish Towels has tried to do with theirs. At 40 x 65 inches and with a ribbed design and jacquard weaving, these bath sheets are exquisite.

They feature high-quality and eco-friendly Turkish cotton, not to mention a fray-free design with double stitching. They are available in several colors and are an exceptional absorbent type of bath towel.

However, some people say that they are not as plush and soft as they look, which can mean they don’t quite meet the mark of hotel quality. In saying that, they are still beautiful bath sheets that are worth a closer look.
Product Features Seven color options Ribbed design 40 x 65 inches Turkish cotton construction Eco-friendly Jacquard woven feature Pros Plenty of color options High-quality materials They don’t fray They are very absorbent They are double-stitched for durability Similar to hotel bath sheets Cons Not as soft as they look 4. American Soft Linen Bath Towel
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If the time has come to treat yourself to high-quality bath sheets, then these from American Soft Linen might just meet the mark. From the 14 different colors to the natural materials and thick 650 GSM rating, there’s plenty to love. 

These bath sheets have also been manufactured with vat dye and feature luxurious cotton. They are of a generous 35 x 70-inch size and are suitable for baths, pools, and more. People enjoy not only the competitive price tag, but how suitable these towels are for hotels, motels, and home use. While they produce a lot of lint, it’s a small price to pay for a quality towel.
Product Features 14 color options 35 x 70 inches Cotton construction Vat dye  650 GSM Natural materials Pros Plenty of color options Generous size Competitive price tag Very absorbent Suitable for baths, pools, and more  Generous GSM rating  Entirely natural Cons A lot of lint when you wash them 5. AmazonBasics Quick-Dry Cotton Towels
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It might pay to wash these bath sheets separately from others for the first few times, but then you can enjoy everything they have to offer. Pick a color, a size, then revel in the convenience in a set of two bath sheets that meet the mark in many ways.

They feature luxurious, tear-resistant cotton, and they are available in eight different colors. The single band design is elegant, while the plushness means they absorb moisture well. These bath sheets work well for home or business use, and they are designed to be durable and long-lasting. While the color can run in the wash initially, it’s a small price to pay for well-made towels.
Product Features Eight color options Cotton construction Set of two  Tear resistance  Single band and border  Quick-dry design Pros Plenty of colors to choose Plush cotton for comfort They absorb moisture fast Elegant design Versatile for many uses Cons The color can run in the wash 6. Isabella Cromwell Highly Absorbent Towel Set
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Everyone needs bath sheets in their home, but it’s not all that convenient to buy them separately when you need an entire range of towels as well. Therefore, it can be worth your while to buy a towel set from Isabella Cromwell.

Instead of buying bath sheets on their own, you can buy a 24-piece set which has everything you need. Each set comes with bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, fingertip towels, and washcloths. They are all available in eight colors and of premium cotton construction.

They are easy to wash, well-made, and suitable for home or business use. While they are a bit thinner in person than they look online, and coloring isn’t always accurate, this bath sheets set from Isabella Cromwell ticks all the boxes.
Product Features Cotton construction 24-piece set  Eight color options Bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, fingertip towels, and washcloths included  Machine-washable Pros Generous quantity in a set Plenty of size and color options They are easy to wash Highly absorbent Luxurious quality  Ideal for home or business use Cons Thinner than they look The coloring may not be accurate for all shades 7. Stone & Beam Casual Bath Towels
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Washing these bath sheets can cause a lot of lint, but if that’s the only issue, then it shows you that there’s plenty to love about these towels from Stone & Beam. What stands out the most is the style. They have a lovely criss-cross design partnered with a contemporary color scheme. You can even choose from two colors.

They are also available in a set of three with a hand towel and washcloth, and the bath sheets are 54 x 30 inches. They are machine washable, easy to care for, and attractive in their style. Thanks to the sewn loop, you can also hang them up on a hook. Whether you need something for a home or business, there’s every reason to check these out.
Product Features Set of three Two color options Criss-cross design Cotton construction 54 x 30 inches Machine-washable Sewn-in hanging loop Pros They come with a hand towel and washcloth Contemporary color and style Generous size Easy to care for Unique style  You can hang them up Cons They shed a lot of lint 8. Amrapur Overseas Bath Sheet Set
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If you’ve been looking for high-end and contemporary bath sheets for some time, then check out the offerings from Amrapur Overseas. This set of two charcoal bath sheets is all about quality and luxury.

They are 550 GSM, feature fine spun yarns and combed cotton, and they are designed to make bathtime luxurious and comfortable. People also love the large 35 x 66-inch sizing of the towels, not to mention how they get softer with every wash cycle.

These bath sheets are easy to maintain and will add a touch of contemporary luxury to any bathroom.
Product Features Two-pack Charcoal color scheme 550 GSM  100 percent combed cotton 35 x 66 inches  Machine-washable  Absorbent design Pros Very absorbent Easy to clean and dry Luxurious cotton construction Thick material  Competitive price tag Cons Only one color choice 9. Lavish Home Cotton Towel Set
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Even though the color scheme of these bath sheets from Lavish Home won’t suit everyone’s décor, and they are thinner than others, that doesn’t mean they are any less worthy of your inspection. From their uniqueness and zero-twist construction to the 100 percent cotton and moisture-wicking ability, there’s plenty on offer.

The eggplant and white color scheme is something special, while the 425 GSM means they dry fast. These bath sheets are also soft and fluffy while being available in a two-pack for a competitive price tag. People also love how easy to care for they are, and how they are versatile for any situation. Check them out for yourself, for few bath sheets are as vibrant as these.
Product Features Two-piece set  100 percent cotton Eggplant and white color scheme Zero-twist construction 425 GSM Moisture-wicking ability Pros They are lightweight  Beautiful color scheme They dry fast You get two in a set  Easy to care for and wash They are soft and fluffy Cons The color scheme doesn’t suit every home Not as thick as other bath sheets for sale 10. Everplush Bath Sheet Towel Set
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If a regular set of bath sheets is not your cup of tea, and you feel like something unique and special, then let it be the set from Everplush. As their brand name suggests, these bath sheets are plush, and they are bound to make you a convert to stray away from cotton. 

They are a six-piece set with sheets, hand towels, and washcloths, and they feature a unique blend of cotton, polyamide, and polyester. As a result, they dry fast while absorbing water and lasting the distance. 

Choose from one of six colors and enjoy six pieces that take your bathing experience to the next level. These bath sheets will not disappoint.
Product Features Six-piece set  Zero-twist cotton Polyamide and polyester blend  Bath sheets, hand towels, and washcloths included Machine-washable  Six color options Pros A unique blend of materials Attractive design  They are durable and long-lasting They absorb water fast They feel soft on your skin  Easy to clean Generous sizing Cons They produce a lot of lint in the washing machine Considerations for Purchasing Bath Sheets
Buying new bath sheets is an art form. You may like the look of them, but what about their feel, size, and other features? You could just buy them without much homework, but that can lead to unhappiness if they are not what you prefer. Therefore, it does pay to do a bit of homework. Read on to learn what to factor into the decision-making process before you buy new bath sheets.
Price Tag
First and foremost, it’s an excellent idea to establish how much you want to spend on new bath sheets. You may know what you’re looking for, but how many of those options are going to be affordable? Therefore, before you get too invested in the hunt, set a budget. You can then narrow down your options and enjoy a faster purchasing process.
The Materials
Equally as important as the price tag, and possibly even more so, is what your sheets are made of. Cotton tends to be the favorite of choice, with varieties such as Turkish and Egyptian adding a new layer of luxury. 

However, even though cotton bath sheets are highly absorbent, they are not everyone’s first choice. Some people enjoy the quick-dry and lightweight features of microfiber towels. 
Material Weight
Once you’ve determined whether you prefer cotton or another type of material, it’s then worthwhile to look at the weight of that material. The material weight is quite often measured in GSM, which stands for grams per square meter. 

Most towels average between 300 and 900 GSM, with a lower number equating to a lighter sheet. Regarding weight, there is no one size fits all rule. Some people prefer thicker, denser, and heavier towels. Others like the lightweight approach of a lower GSM towel.

Hotel-quality towels tend to be of a higher GSM, so if you want to mimic a “home away from home” experience, then select bath sheets that are over 600 GSM. They are heavier but more comfortable, absorbent, and luxurious. 
The Size
There is a discernible difference between a bath sheet and a bath towel, and it’s essential to know this before you think you’re buying a towel of a generous size. The only way to know you’re going to get a large towel is by explicitly looking for bath sheets. Even then, it pays to double-check the dimensions, as some manufacturers may not have provided an accurate product description.

A bath towel is usually around 30 x 58 inches or smaller. They are perfect for the younger members of your family and for drying hair. They tend to be less suitable for an adult’s shower or bath. Bath towels, however, are usually upwards of 35 x 60 inches, and can even be larger than that. They tend to be more expensive than traditional bath towels, too.

If you are not sure what you are trying to buy, then measure a towel of the perfect size you already own, then compare it to bath sheets you see online that you quite like. 
Color Fastness 
A common problem that people have when they buy sheets is that the dye runs, fades, or becomes blotchy. There is no sure-fire way to know if the bath sheets you buy will do this. However, you can get an idea of how well the color “sticks” by reading the user reviews. Real customers have insight into it through their own experience. 

You can also protect your new bath sheets from color problems by taking care with their use. For example, don’t use your towels to wipe off facial products, especially those that contain benzoyl peroxide. Otherwise, you can remove all risk by buying white towels that don’t have a color to ruin. 
Construction Quality
Believe it or not, two bath sheets from two different manufacturers might both feature cotton, but that doesn’t mean their construction quality is identical. Many factors can play a part. Firstly, some sell their towels with combed cotton. 

This feature means they have combed the towels to remove yarn impurities and short fibers. The result is a bath sheet with long fibers that last a long time. The downside of such a towel is that they are not as soft or luxurious as others. 

If you are looking at bath sheets that have the term ‘ringspun,’ then it means both long and short cotton fibers are spun together for a smooth and soft towel. This is a preference for many people. 

Twisted yarn, on the other hand, has been twisted together for a plush towel that’s long-lasting and soft. A twist-free bath sheet, though, is a fluffy and absorbent towel with cotton fibers that haven’t been twisted together. 
Without trying a bath sheet before you buy it, you can’t really tell how absorbent it’s going to be. After all, you can’t dip it in water through the computer screen. In saying that, there are ways to get a fair idea that doesn’t involve buying it first then being disappointed.

The first thing to look at is the GSM. A thicker, more substantial bath sheet tends to soak up more water than one of a low GSM. Bath sheets with higher quality cotton, such as Egyptian, also tend to be more absorbent. In saying that, once they are wet, they are far heavier than towels of a lower GSM. 

Of course, you can also read through the user reviews to get genuine opinions from people who have already bought the bath sheets.
Most people want their towels to match. When you buy one at a time, that goal becomes less and less possible. Therefore, one of the best ways to get a matching bath sheet set is by buying more than one at a time.

There are plenty of towel sets available online that feature more than one in a set. You often get to pick a color, then receive identical sheets in the mail. Sometimes, these sets also include matching hand towels, bath towels, and washcloths. You then get consistency throughout your entire bathroom. 
Hotel versus Home
What you buy for your home can differ dramatically from what you buy for a hotel. Remember, hotel or B&B guests expect luxury because they are paying for it. Therefore, the type of bath sheets you buy really matters. 

What does the perfect hotel towel look like? It generally features cotton of high quality, such as Egyptian or Turkish. It has a GSM of above 600 and is of generous dimensions. Some hotel towels even have branding on them or at least thick bands that show that the towel is something special.

They are also often of a contemporary color scheme like charcoal or white and come with matching hand towels and washcloths.
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