Dot Hook
Dot Hook

Dot Hook

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Dot Hooks come in three different sizes and a variety of luxury finishes. 

Perfect for the entry or as towel hooks in the bathroom. Anywhere you want beautiful organization. The Dot Hook stands taller than the but can be combined for use on cabinets.

Made in Sweden.

1-2 week lead time if not in stock.


Ø 18 mm (0.7") X H 33 mm (1.3") DOT 33
Ø 30 mm (1.2") X H 55 mm (2.1") DOT 55
Ø 50 mm (2.0") X H 71 mm (2.8") DOT 71

Mounting screws for wall included.


Solid polished brass, solid brushed brass, solid polished copper, solid brushed copper, high-gloss polished and brushed stainless steel, or solid matte black aluminum.

Note: materials are not lacquered and will age and oxidize over time. Refer to our  for best practices.

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